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Cheap travels many people like. Not only students travel gladly cheaply. Also people with higher income are interested in bargains. Most travel magazines on TV present expensive travels, maybe the producers get commission.

We make that differently and send Preston Andrews around the world. First he will travel all over by the USA, naturally with cheap airlines. But is the inexpensive flights so good as normal fare? What is with additional expenses? The way of the airport into the city? Are cheap motels quite okay? Are travels by bus an alternative? Preston Andrews has the answers.

I. Preston ist traveling across the United States. Flights for less, motels for a few Dollars – but how he gets from the airport to town – with a low budget? What about food?

II. Preston travels to Asia and Australia useing low coster like Air Asia or Eva Air. What is low expensive tuk-tuk or airport-train?

III. Preston crosses Europe. Tiny guesthouses, public transport, low cost airlines like Ryan Air, Wizz Air or Air Dolomiti


12 episodes, each 20 min, in English, Italian, German

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Everybody can fix a perfect quick SNACK

DUSTIN COOPER cannot cook. In the morning he have only a coffee and nibbles a few cookies. At noon he is regular customer at Starbucks. In the evening he join a Burger Roast Barrack. It does not seem unhealthy, but eating outward costs much money. Over 400 Dollar spends Dustin on it in the month. We invited some well-known cooks into the studio and to want Dustin to show how fast and tastily meals can magic. Also it can save money. In addition he must learn to buy favorably. Not so simply, when you are just 18 years old.

DUSTIN COOPER non può cuocere. Di mattina beve un caffè solo e pilucca accoppia biscotti. A mezzogiorno è con un caffè cliente abituale. Alla Sera con bancarella. Morbosamente non sembra essere a, però fuori mangino costiate soldi. Dustin spende sopra 400 dollari nel per mese. Abbiamo invitato alcuni cuochi conosciuti cibi gustosi nello studio e possiamo volere Dustin mostrare e stregare come lui. Anche può risparmiare soldi. In più deve ma favorevolmente imparare comprare. Non così semplicemente, se 18 ha è e nessun esperienze.

DUSTIN COOPER kann nicht kochen. Morgens trinkt er nur einen Kaffee und knabbert ein paar Kekse. Mittags ist er Stammgast bei einer Kaffeehaus-Kette. Am Abend findet man ihn bei einer Burger-Brat-Bude. Ungesund scheint es nicht zu sein, doch auswärts essen kostet Geld. Über 400 Dollar gibt Dustin dafür im Monat aus. Wir haben einige bekannte Köche ins Studio eingeladen und wollen Dustin zeigen wie er schnell und schmackhaft Speisen zaubern kann. Auch kann er Geld sparen. Dazu muss er aber günstig einkaufen lernen. Gar nicht so einfach, wenn man 18 ist und keine Erfahrungen hat.

preview episodes each 35 minutes English, German

formats : MPEG 4 HD, MPEG 2

»GAMER« Discover the newest games. Get insider information. Presented by the asian Game-Prof TRISTAN TYLER.

TT is a kid of the generation computer and Internet. He has three large tower computers at home, from which at least two constantly run. As soon as a new computer game on the market he must try it out. In he homeland Taiwan TT won already many competitions and writes for different magazines. For a long time his hobby became its profession. For us he will test live computer games and will talk with other play fans about it. With this show we want to report fair and independently on new trends auif to the Game market.

TT ist ein Kind der Generation Computer und Internet. Er hat drei große Tower-Computer zu Hause, von denen mindestens zwei ständig laufen. Sobald ein neues Computerspiel auf dem Markt ist muss er es ausprobieren. In seiner Heimat Taiwan hat er schon viele Wettbewerbe gewonnen und er schreibt für verschiedene Zeitschriften. Längst ist sein Hobby zu seinem Beruf geworden. Für uns wird er live Computerspiele testen und mit anderen Spielfans darüber reden. Mit dieser Reihe wollen wir fair und unabhängig über neue Trends auf dem Game-Markt berichten.

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