StarRyder Television Ltd.

12 Coral Harbour Road, Nassau, The Bahamas

general-manager STEVEN BEXBACH

team [at]

LESLIE TEIGAN management public affairs

StarRyder Television

1001 Clearwater Park Rd.

33401 West Palm Beach, FL

call +727 534 1003

business: sales [at]

casting : fan [at]

DARCY RAYES - management

DANIEL MURONG- technical head

CURTIS GARCHE janitor & security management

Johny HURT MELROSE, management

EYK LIN TALBERT advertising and PR-management

StarRyder Television

20 West 30th street, 10001 New York, NY

call + 212 725 4666

sales [at]


ETHAN LAURELTON, producer shopping channel

BARTLEY TALLAW, sales manager shopping channel

StarRyder Studio Nassau, Bahamas

StarRyder Corporation

12 Coral Harbour Road, Nassau, Bahamas

call :+1 - 242 698 4608 (11 p.m. - 8 a.m.)

fan [at]

MARVIN DOHNA - manager

JONAS HOGENAU technical broadcasting

TOMMY LINTON, junior producer

SEBASTIAN HORW - presenter

StarRyder Televisione S.p.A.

Via Aereoporto 34, 25018 Montichari, BS, Italia

call ++39 045 80 95 662

business: sales [at]

game show casting: fan [at]

STEVEN BEXBACH general-manger & casting director

DONNIE MONAN, technical broadcasting management B

BRAD TERVILLE , sales & production management